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Ecoheroes: An immersive dance  performance for children that zooms in on the little creatures that live on and beneath the Norwegian forest floor.

After you visit this mysterious wonderland, perhaps you’ll see the forest in a new light?

Suitable for children 4+ and their families

A microworld for the curious, join us as the forest floor crawls to life. Meet heroic creatures and their powers. Discover them emerge, evolve and regenerate in a playful dance of interconnection. Inside this tactile landscape, togetherness becomes key as the weave of life in the forest is revealed.


29 JAN 2022 - Hamar Teater, Hamar

5 FEB 2022 - Assistej Teater Lørdag, Sentralen, Oslo

10-12 JUN 2022 - Dansens Hus, Oslo

8 OCT 2022 - KOREDA Festivalen, Inderøy 

23-27 JAN 2023  - DKS Baerum, Baerum Kulturhus (closed performances)

28 JAN 2023 - Baerum Kulturhus

4 FEB 2023 - Barnaskunstfestival, Ælvespeilet Kulturhus, Porsgrunn

13 MAR-5 MAY - DKS Asker (closed performanes)

07 MAY - Rommen Scene, Oslo 

31 AUG 2023 - Markedet for Scenekunst, Hjertnes Kulturhus, Sandefjord

10 FEB 2024 - Multiplie Dansefestival, Trondheim - Dansenett Norge

05 MAR 2024 - SPRANG, Ål - Dansenett Norge

09 MAR 2024 -  Flammen Kulturhus, Nittedal - Dansenett Norge

10 MAR 2024 - Asker Kulturhus - Dansenett Norge

15 MAR 2024 - Buen Kulturhus, Mandal - Dansenett Norge

16 MAR 2024 - Kilden Kulturhus, Kristiansand - Dansenett Norge

19 MAR 2024 - Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes - Dansenett Norge

20 MAR 2024 - Kulturstova, Finnøy - Dansenett Norge

27 APR 2024 - Hamar Kulturhus, Hamar - Dansenett Norge

02-03 JUN 2024 - Go Figure Festival, Kloden Teater, Oslo - Dansenett Norge

24 JUN 2024 - Festspillene, Harstad - Dansenett Norge

Dato TBC SEP 2024 - Stormen, Bodø - Dansenett Norge

DKS Touring

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-10 at 10.57.19.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-10 at 10.57.42.jpeg

Økohelter is available for DKS School Touring using a slightly reduced version of the scenography. Økohelter toured with DKS Asker in Spring 2023

The production fits into a small van, and lights and sound can be run internally by the performers. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 23.28.44.png



                           Concept, choreography and


              Olivia Edginton, Maria Lothe,

        Ingvild Marstein Olsen,

      Hannah Parsons


    Costume Designer: Tanja Andreeva

  Costume Assistant: Celina Vimme

Scenographers: Baum & Leahy

Scenography Assistant: Damien Ajavon

Artistic Advisor: Karstein Solli

Graphic Design: Maria Telle Brendmoe

Lighting Design: Erik Spets Sandvik


 Funded by:

  Norsk Kulturråd Fri Scenekunst Dans,

    Fond For Lyd og bilde, Spenn,

      Innlandet Fylkeskommune, FFUK,

         Hamar kommune

                 Supported by: 

                      R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz, NORA Dans,

                           Seanse, Unge Viken Teater,

                               Hamar Teater, PS:Dans

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