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STICKY (Edginton/Lothe/Olsen/Parsons) is a collective of queer, female dance artists creating work in Norway. Their practice delves into the bodily and the sensitive, the playful and the peculiar. Using the receptive and expressive body as a way to investigate their subject matter, their performances play between literal and abstract to offer audiences proximity to imagination and opportunity to kinesthetically absorb stories.


The four artists trained in contemporary dance together at Laban, London, and share a drive and ambition to create environmentally conscious work that centres new or untold narratives. Between 2020-2022, STICKY created their first work as a collective, Økohelter, which was extremely well received. It was last shown at Dansens Hus, and will tour through DKS and festivals in 2023-24. They are in the beginning phase of creating an adult version of Økohelter, inspired by queer ecology

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Ingvild Marstein Olsen. By Kristin Bengtson.png
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Centered around queer ecology, this research explores diversity in the more-than-human world. Through an imaginary, sensory and somatic journey into the world of multiple species, we invite sexuality, sex, fluidity, wildness and transformation into the room. To be queer has often been labled “a crime against nature”. Our aim is to dismantle ideas of binary category to explore the sticky in-betweens that hold nature’s tapestry together.

Studio research will begin at Davvi, Hammerfest, May 2023. Supported by Forprojekt. 

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